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Bandhani is one of the beautiful and everlasting trends in sarees, kurtas, salwar suits, etc. It gives you an essence of Indian culture, especially Gujrat and Rajasthan, in your clothing. The charm of Bandhani Sarees is so intoxicating that people from rural areas to Bollywood; everyone has it in their wardrobe. You can see these prints and designs on ‘Jholas’, dupattas, shirts, etc. The dyes for these designs mostly come from plants, flowers, leaves, barks, etc. In earlier days, people were using vegetable dyes for Bandhani prints. However, the chemical dyes are slowly and steadily replacing the vegetable and organic dyes. Most individuals like bright colours for their Bandhani clothes like yellow, orange, green, pink, red, and maroon. It creates a fashion statement for your clothes when you step out with those vibrant colours.

What is so special about Bandhani Sarees?


We are here to give you extensive options to choose between the beautiful and delicate dotted patterns on fabrics on our website. What is distinctive about Bandhani is you can have it on you on any occasion. Be it casual or a wedding occasion, Bandhni will never make you look out of the fashion line. It brings together the whole look just the way you like it. 


The Bandhni designs that you can choose from are also limitless. We are serving you from classical to contemporary that are available in Bandhej. The patterns that are trending as of now are applique, animal print, and ombre. Besides them, we are also carrying different designs as per your preference. These are more of a floral print, colour block, embroidered, checkered and geometric prints. Each pattern can speak volumes on the type of event or occasion you are wearing them. You have to choose the right one for yourself.


You may wonder that choosing Bandhni Saree may look like an old fashion option or not so trending. Many ladies are in this bubble that Bandhni sarees are an option for older ladies in rural areas. It is high time that you move on from that thought and gives it a real chance. It will happen when you gain proper knowledge about Bandhej Sarees and their different types of designs. You can see that many well-known designers are using Bandhej Technique for Sarees to create phenomenal products. 


You can see Actresses and models embracing these techniques on social media and social events. Because no one can reflect the true beauty of Indian culture than Indian techniques itself in any field. With the new technologies and chemical dyes, we can create Bandhani Sarees for you that can give tough competition to any modern Saree you choose to wear. Our collection will help you find the Indian essence mixed with today’s fashion and style. It is a perfect combination not only for young women but also for older ladies. And lastly, the way you carry it with your proper hairdo and jewellery will make you realize the speciality of Bandhej Sarees. You will never be able to turn away from it.

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