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Saree is an example of the oldest and longest Indian garments in the world. Its length is from 6-9 yards than all garments and can be drape in more than 100 styles. With time, sarees have also evolved to become easier to wear. Pre-stitched sarees, pre-pleated sarees, concept sarees, lungi sarees, and saree gowns are some such avatars of the saree. Sarees are the symbol of beauty when adorned by Indian beauties. 

Sarees enhance the grace of women. Saree is one of the Indian outfits Loved by women, irrespective of their age, colour, caste, and creed. Well, sarees are the most fashionable piece of Indian wear. A saree doesn’t need a particular body type. Anyone can wear this for any event, whether healthy or thin.


If you are planning to go to any marriage function or small religious program, you prefer to wear an Indian traditional outfit the first name that comes to your mind is saree. Saree gives us a very graceful look. At the same time, it looks fashionable.


Are you bored with your sarees collection? And are looking for some new variety in sarees to add to your wardrobe. I may tell you that there are many varieties of sarees available from different parts of the state. One such famous silk fabric that has achieved quite popularity is the Vichitra silk sarees. 



The material of this saree is artificial silk. Vichitra silk fabric is manufacture in Surat, Gujarat, and it is also exported to different states of India to make different varieties of sarees. During the manufacturing process, the fabric is white. It is dyed later and is generally available in the following colours- Vine, Black, Red, Grey, Cream, Bottle Green, Maroon, navy blue, and Sky Blue. The saree has an elegant and sober look when adorned with an appropriate blouse and other accessories.

How to identify this saree?

When you hold this fabric of Vichitra sarees, it gives a rough and uneven texture. When you touch the silk, it is softer and silky, and hence you will identify through its feel. It has a rich look and sober shine texture, especially when you see the fabric after wearing it.

Features of Vichitra silk sarees


  • Gujarat silk sarees are very lightweight best suitable at all places and in all seasons.

  • The Floral and polka dots are the most demanded prints, but one of the best things about Vichitra sarees is they come in all different types of designs.

  • These sarees provide better clarity and precision as they feature highly delicate patterns that make them well known worldwide for their beauty and charm! 

The kinds of work found in Vichitra silk are:

  • The Plain and Border Style (Diamond and Stone)- Such sarees has beautiful stone or diamond border.

  • You get beautiful golden zari work in this saree. You will also get to see many different designs of embroidery work done on this saree. 

  • The Plain and Border Style (Woven Jari)- Such Vichitra sarees are plain sarees with a simple Jari woven border.

  • The All Over Butta Style( Diamond and Stone)- Such Vichitra sarees have ‘botties’ all over the saree with stones and diamonds along with a stones-diamond fitted border.

  • The All Over Butta Style (Woven Jari)- Such Vichitra sarees also have ‘booties’ made of jari work along with a Jari woven border.


And most importantly, let me tell you that this is one of the elegant saree types that every woman should try. Vichitra silk sarees are affordable and easy to carry. The materials and fabrics used in crafting silk sarees are of the best quality. These fabrics & materials are super-soft yet very strong, ensures soothing effects on the skin while being durable. This festive season, wear top-quality and affordable sarees at “advikcreation.” 


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